Intelligence Beyond Recognition

Real time AI driven Identity and Authentication Solutions, that confirm the user really is who they say they are, at work and at home.

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Identification solutions that enhance user experience

Callsign helps your users get on with their digital lives in the most seamless way possible – checked, verified, safe. Because we enhance, rather than block, user experience.

We do this with an AI-driven intelligence engine analyzing thousands of data points. A dynamic policy engine tailoring our technology to your environment - as well as authentication and verification engines that use all methods available to prove that someone is who they say they are.

The digital world operates on the basis of knowing that someone is who they say they are. Which is exactly what Callsign helps organizations achieve. And, at the same time, stopping the bad guys in their tracks.

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woman using card for payment - banking sector
“Our aim with the MarketPlace is to find and onboard the very best fintech firms, those that bring innovative and value-added solutions to meet our customers' needs. Callsign is allowing banks to offer the very best online security without sacrificing user experience.”
— Ben Robinson
Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos
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