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Trust Is Learned

Extensive data breaches put billions at risk
Proactively defend with Intelligence Driven Authentication™

Intelligence Driven Authentication™

Intelligence Driven Authentication™ (IDA) protects identities and defends against data breaches.
We apply AI to understand users and intelligently adjust authentication journeys.

  • For Consumers

    Proactively protect consumer identities to minimize the impact of compromised credentials and deliver a superior user experience.

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    Protect access to your online services.

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    Secure activities within your mobile applications.

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    Defend telephony to the same level as other channels.

  • For Employees

    Proactively protect your employee identities to prevent data breaches without cumbersome and unmanageable authentication processes.

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    Protect access to your organization’s remote networks.

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    Defend your on-premise & SaaS applications.

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    Secure your physical and virtual endpoints.

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Security Datasheet

Callsign is designed with multi-layered security to help enterprises instantly detect and mitigate threats with accuracy.

To learn more about Callsign's IDA technology download the 2017 Datasheet