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Let Callsign do the thinking, not your users

Callsign helps you analyze everything, so users do minimal work but get maximum security. We also provide classic multi-factor authentication, if you want to start simple.

Informing Every Authentication Decision

Callsign's unique Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA) solution enables users to access whatever they need, from wherever and however they need it, all in a frictionless manner. This frees you from the traditionally static, one size fits all approach to authentication.

Users only need to explicitly authenticate if the intelligence picture derived by the advanced deep learning algorithms indicates suspicious activity. Unlike anything else, this puts users in control and makes authentication about much more than their location as well as the traditional authentication factors of something they have, know and are.

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Military Grade Security

The military grade Crypto Engine, helps to eliminate phishing, spear phishing, MITM and advanced malware threats. Every Callsign protected transaction comes with a fully non-repudiable audit trail that’s aligned with industry standards including FIPS 140-2, PSD2 and EMVCo.

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Real-Time Adaption

The most comprehensive suite of capabilities on the market today combined with an intuitive Dashboard, helping enterprises adapt to a constantly evolving threat environment. Policies can be defined, refined and applied in seconds to rapidly modify the level of authentication.

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Reducing Total Cost

Virtually eliminate password related help desk calls and maintain a standard solution across employee and customer access, removing the cost and complexity of running multiple solutions. Pick out the real threats and only involve scarce information security expertise when required.

The Callsign Platform

  • Intelligence


    Over 50 data analytics are captured and processed in real-time by the Neural Engine, to help distinguish and pinpoint potentially malicious usage.

    This level of fine-grained data fusion delivers truly adaptive authentication providing frictionless access for genuine users (reducing false rejections), while introducing additional challenges for those that represent higher risks (reducing false acceptances).

    By capturing low-level data from the device this capability represents the last-mile in fraud & security analytics. It can be used independently or as a feed into other meta fraud & security analysis and decisioning capabilities, this includes Transaction Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention and Network Access Control.

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    Ergonomic analysis delivers game-changing insights to identify precisely who is in possession of a device.

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    Understand where and how a transaction is being initiated and verified to enable safe harbors and no-go zones.

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    Debug, jailbreak/root, malware and cloning detection can inform risk and anti-fraud policies.

  • Authentication


    A choice of secure PIN and biometrics along with possession of the mobile device delivers strong authentication in line with standards such as PSD2, FFIEC Authentication Guidance and NIST 800-63B Guidance. These factors can be used alone or in combination for internal enterprise, such as VPN, or external customer, such as internet banking, facing scenarios.

    Authentication chaining is also provided, enabling dual signatory for scenarios where more than one person is required to approve a request. This adds a crucial new dimension to classic AAA systems, by ensuring all authorized parties have approved before a transaction is executed.

    For non-smartphone users telephony (SMS and Call) as well as hardware (LCD and USB) solutions are also provided, these deliver OTPs based upon the OATH standard.

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    Replay resistant finger, face and voice recognition delivers the next generation of authentication, this biometric is not stored anywhere.

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    Secure PIN provides a familiar user experience, in line with the EMVCo standard. This PIN is not stored anywhere.

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    OATH compliant OTPs can be delivered to users in one of several ways, including Mobile App, USB, LCD, SMS and Call based solutions.

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crypto engine

Crypto Engine

All cryptographic functions across both client (iOS and Android) and server sides are performed in a fully audit-able and non-repudiable manner.

Built in C and Assembly, the Crypto Engine delivers optimal levels of performance and security, conforming to FIPS 140-2 and EMVCo.

The Crypto Engine along with every other sensitive aspect of the app is obfuscated with built-in tamper resistance providing an additional security layer.

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Neural Engine

The Neural Engine fuses more than 50 data elements in real-time to pinpoint suspicious activity. It assesses the risk of the user's device, location and behavior.

Stream analytics derives risk attributes from device sensors. Deep learning algorithms analyze behaviors against the wider population. The models produced continuously adapt as user behavioral patterns evolve.

These algorithms uncover each user's trusted behaviors, and can identify them through just a Swipe.

policy engine

Policy Engine

By implementing critical workflows, the Policy Engine empowers risk officers to easily manage how they apply controls.

This is achieved either through the Callsign Dashboard or through the Callsign REST API.

Policies can be defined to determine whether users should provide PIN, or Biometrics, based upon Intelligence from the Neural Engine.

These policies can be easily adapted to step authentication up or down in real-time.


The Callsign Platform is simple to integrate with secure REST API’s as well as iOS, Android and HTML5 SDK’s, with connectors available for a range of standards based integrations from OpenID to LDAP.

Quickly and easily embed Callsign to protect your applications and services using standards like SAML, RADIUS, ADFS, LDAP, OpenID and FIDO, as well as custom integrations. You can also pull analytics, from the Intelligence feed, straight into your SIEM systems.

Our on-premise solution lets you run the Callsign platform on your own servers, with the option to failover to the cloud service in real-time.

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Integrate Callsign with everything

Integrate with your favourite SaaS Apps, VPN Clients and anything else you can think of.

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