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The ingenuity of our intelligence driven authentication in your own app.

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Build security into the heart of your app without having to worry about complex design and implementation details. Achieve compliance with requirements such as PSD2.

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Enable a consistent way for users to access services across channels – mobile, web and in-person. Eliminate the cost, insecurity and inconvenience of traditional authentication.

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Get all the mobile fraud & security features you need via one powerful SDK – Intelligence combined with Authentication. Simplify initial integration and ongoing maintenance.

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Callsign SDK

The Callsign Mobile SDK is available for Android and iOS, so all the features of Callsign can be embedded into any app, this transforms your app into the omni-channel controller of user access. Users are not required to download and install a separate app, instead everything is embedded into your app with fully customizable branding.

Designed for rapid integration the Callsign Mobile SDK helps app owners realize the benefits almost instantaneously, gaining Callsign’s unique IDA capability while minimizing overall time to market as well as ongoing maintenance.

Integrate Callsign with everything

Integrate with your favourite SaaS Apps, VPN Clients and anything else you can think of.

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