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Why Callsign

Unlike anything else, Callsign is an innovative and agile solution that future-proofs authentication and puts you back in control.

What Makes Us Different

Callsign combines strong authentication that supports biometrics with device, location and behavioral analytics.

The Neural Engine fuses more than 50 discreet data elements in real-time to pinpoint suspicious activity. By applying deep learning to device sensors, it identifies users through just a Swipe. This is Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA).

The Dashboard provides enterprises with an intuitive interface to manage Callsign protected services. By simply turning the dials, risk officers can refine policies to address emerging threats. No coding or systems integration required.

What authentication solution fits your needs

Two Factor
Multi Factor
Intelligence Driven

Integrate Callsign with everything

Integrate with your favourite SaaS Apps, VPN Clients and anything else you can think of.

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