Callsign: the story so far

We’re a British technology company, headquartered in London. Our team of identification and authentication experts is busy driving a new movement: the Identity Revolution.

Our CEO had a dream…

It’s the starting point of all great businesses – and in this case, totally true. Because when Russian hacker, Vladimir Leonidovitch Levin, attempted the biggest bank heist the world had ever seen via dial-up internet in 1994, Zia Hayat, Callsign CEO and founder, was immediately hooked. It seemed like the days of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ style crime were numbered, as armchair fraud became a real possibility. From this very moment, Zia knew he wanted to play a part in stopping the bad guys and securing the internet for all.

One first class degree and a PhD thesis later, Zia set about designing and delivering secure information systems in a career spanning BAE Systems, Accenture Consulting and Lloyds Banking Group. But he soon realized that to make a real impact on identity solutions, he’d need to set up his own company. And just as he had that thought – as fate would have it – he spotted a Dan Piraro cartoon in the New Yorker about choosing memorable pet names (because they’ll be your security information forevermore). It was just the impetus Zia needed to act on his idea.

And so, Callsign came to be.

  • 2012

    Callsign is Born

    Zia Hayat founded Callsign in London with his business partner, Ian Welch. We started out with just seven employees and a mission to create the most intelligent authentication solution on the market. Our original aim was to help businesses keep the digital identities of employees safe and verified.

  • 2014

    A place to call home

    In 2014, we moved to our first permanent office space in Moorgate, London. Our first couple of years in business were spent building and testing the initial Callsign concept with a number of Fortune 500 companies.

  • 2016

    It's getting a bit crowded in here...

    By 2016, having further refined and tested the Callsign solution with banks and governments, we’d grown to over 40 employees. By this point, we’d deployed our technology to hundreds of thousands of users.

  • 2017

    Series A

    In 2017, we won further employee authentication contracts with a number of banks and government organizations – and, in even bigger and better news, secured a $35 million Series A funding round. This would prove a game-changing opportunity to scale our offering and roll out a customer-facing version of the Callsign solution, which we immediately started developing with a leading UK bank. Finally, the time had arrived for enabling not just employees but also customers to get on with their digital lives.

  • 2018

    Swanky new digs

    By 2018, we’d grown to a team of over 100 employees, most of us engineers. This meant a new London office (where we get to enjoy cups of tea – and innovating, of course! – in the shadow of St Paul’s) and establishing footholds in Sydney and New York. This was also the year that we started to win customer authentication contracts, as well as confirming our partner status with Microsoft, Temenos and Intel.