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How does it work?

Our Intelligence Driven Authentication package combines our Intelligence, Policy and Authentication modules to provide one complete identity fraud, authentication and authorization solution.

The Intelligence Engine collects and analyzes thousands of data points across device, location and behavior to deliver a confidence score based on how likely it is that someone is who they say they are. If the confidence score is high, you can safely reduce friction – and if it’s not, authentication or authorization requests can be triggered – all in real-time.

It’s our Policy Manager & Engine that makes all the decisions, journey mapping and orchestration around this confidence score. Policies are fully transparent and written in natural language so leaders in risk, compliance, customer experience can understand them, as well as technical peers in IT and fraud. Importantly, these teams can test policy decisions using a time machine feature, champion /challenger modes and A:B testing.

In all, the entire process is designed to determine what kind of authentication journeys are best used in which circumstances, based on what action is being performed, by who, where, and how. Meaning you aren’t isolating swathes of user’s with either / or choices of biometrics or additional password checks.

Now that’s getting customer experience right, every time!

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Advantages & Benefits

Broad Range of Authenticators

Our authenticators span the newest most robust methods, like swipe; the most traditional methods, like tokens; and the most remote needs, like landline phone calls.

Customer Friendly UX

Our Policy Engine can dynamically adjust to the type of hardware, connectivity and even preferences of individual users, whether it’s lack of access to technology or just individual preference – you can keep them happy.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the need for multiple vendor solutions with one central view of activity across digital, telephony & physical channels.

Cloud Native

Being cloud native, you can benefit from 99.99% availability; practically instantaneous horizontal and vertical scaling, depending on workload; and, improved flexibility with a single point of interaction, meaning easier integration, easier development and stronger security.

Increase collaboration

Our engineering teams come from banking and ecommerce backgrounds and understand your challenges, that's why our Policy Engine uses natural language so leaders in risk, compliance, customer experience can understand them as well as technical peers in IT and fraud.

Hassle free compliance

Out of the box templates mean that you can achieve quick deployment of policies and demonstrate regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions. Moreover, we only collect data at interaction points, rather than via continuous surveillance which means better battery life for your customers and, more importantly better privacy.

Proof of Value

When it comes to investing in the security of your workforce or customers’ digital identities, we know that nothing beats a real-time test. That’s why we offer 30- or 60-day proof of value (POV) trials on all Callsign product packages. They’re quick to set up and leave you with a POV report, detailing the precise benefits your business could realize from our technology.