Intelligence Driven Authentication (IDA)

IDA is ideal for organizations looking to deploy an identity solution that helps them to verify and authenticate users, confirming that they are who and where they say they are. Helping to reduce fraud and meet licence compliance standards, all while improving user experience and productivity.


IDA helps banks looking to reduce fraud and improve customer trust, while meeting regulatory compliance standards like PSD2 (SCA) in Europe.

Enterprises and Governments

IDA helps private and public sector organizations wanting to improve workforce security and employee authentication.

eCommerce and Loyalty

IDA helps enterprise business to reduce fraud and secure the digital identities of their customers without impacting user experience.


IDA is ideal for eGaming businesses wanting to offer quick, seamless, compliant payment authentication to players.

How it works

This package combines policy management, intelligence and authentication. It can be used to secure an organization’s workforce and improve productivity, or to reduce fraud protect the digital identities of customers. It’s also proven to reduce authentication steps by over 90%. It does this with identification policies which respond in real time to the confidence score (detailing how likely it is that your employee is your employee or your customer is your customer) created by the intelligence engine. Policy-based, intelligence-driven authentication requests are then orchestrated by the authentication engine.

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