Intelligence Driven Recognition (IDR)

Callsign IDR is ideal for organizations who want to know who their users are, where they are, and what they’re doing. Helping to reduce fraud, improve user experience and productivity, as well as ensuring licence and regulatory compliance. This solution can sit alongside your existing authentication solution, supporting it with intelligence and policy management.

Media, Telecoms & eGaming

IDR helps organizations in these sectors to verify the location and identity of their users, as well as meeting licence compliance standards.


IDR helps enterprise organisations to meet GDPR compliance standards.


IDR helps insurance companies to tackle rising insurance fraud by verifying the location and identity of new or existing users without adding friction.


IDR helps banks and any other organisations that already have an authentication solution but want to prop it up with better policy and intelligence.

How it works

This package combines decisioning and intelligence. Not only enabling organizations to define policies to suit their environment, but using AI and machine learning to inform those policies. By analyzing thousands of data points (including location and behavior) in real time, the addition of the intelligence engine arms organizations with greater insight and confidence that their employee or customer really is who and where they say they are.

A modular approach

We’ve packaged our core capabilities up in two ways – with Intelligence Driven Recognition and Intelligence Driven Authentication. But Callsign technology is modular, so it can also be bought individually to suit your organization’s needs.

Our Packages

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Intelligence Driven


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