Callsign Partner Network

Together with our partners, we’re delivering the most intuitive and seamless identity and authentication solution on the planet. Giving businesses and people the means to get on with their digital lives.

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Partners in innovation, working better together

We’re bringing together leading-edge technology players, integration experts and solution providers to make identification: more sophisticated, more seamless, more secure. Through collaboration and innovation, we give businesses added confidence in technology that’s rigorously tried and tested. Combining expertise and knowledge to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution that protects digital identities as powerfully and effectively as possible – now and in the future.

Our Partners

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Technology Partners

We’re working at the cutting-edge of technological innovation. Partnering with other leading technology players to provide pre-integrated authentication solutions. Meaning businesses around the world can benefit from Callsign technology quickly and easily – no fuss, no fanfare, minimal disruption – and our technology partners get to see their hard-won, intelligent innovations come to fruition.

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Solution Provider Partners

When businesses – big or small – are making significant technology investment, buying through their preferred local partner can give them just the assurance they need to take the plunge. That’s why solution providers are key players in our partner network. And it’s win-win for them, too, as teaming up with Callsign means being able to offer their customers the best, most cost-efficient identification solution on the market.

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Implementation Partners

When deploying and integrating Callsign technology, only the best will do – which is why we’re also partnering with implementation experts from around the world, guaranteeing our customers a rich network of experience when it comes to roll-out in their own organizations.

Why partner with Callsign?

At the heart of the digital age is this: the need to confirm that users really are who they say they are, where they say they are, doing what they say they’re doing. Keeping customers and employees checked, verified and safe. Without this, our digital lives can’t and won’t keep pace with the rapid advance of technology.

To partner with Callsign is to join us on our mission to protect digital identities without betraying trust. Making lives easier and more secure through digital innovation.

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