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What Data Means for Authentication

Over the last couple of decades, authentication methods have certainly matured. From PIN numbers to passwords to biometrics. From single-factor authentication to the more secure multi-factor authentication. Central to all of these is the end user, who is tasked with proving their identity via one or more authentication factors. The problem is that this often adds unnecessary friction when the user just wants to get on. In some cases, users can’t get on at all – as blanket authentication factors bring with them the risk of digital isolation.

Advantages & Capabilities

Expecting every person to have access to the latest smartphone, to have the capability to use technology in the same way, or to be culturally willing to share biometrics simply doesn’t pass the real-world test. Swathes of society can become digitally isolated by identity technology that is designed for population segments, rather than individuals. Indeed, designing for the average person leads to everyone being underserved to a greater or lesser extent.

When combined with our Intelligence and Policy Engines, organizations can avoid isolating large pockets of their users and customers by striking the right balance between security and usability, removing the need for intrusive or repetitive authentication steps (unless there is legitimate cause for concern).

Passive Authentication

Our technology only needs to collect data at the moments of interaction, rather than continuously, which means better battery preservation on your user’s devices.

Broad Range of Authenticators

Our authenticators span the newest most robust methods, like the swipe of a screen; the most traditional methods, like tokens; and the most remote needs, like landline phone calls.

Fight Fraud

Behavioral based authorization and authentication helps reduce fraud and improve your customer journeys. It reduces the risks of telecoms fraud, isn’t reliant customers remembering passwords and is more accessible than biometrics.

Passive Authentication

When used with our Policy Engine & Manager, you can allow users to select identification and authentication methods that suit them, considering that they have the technology, location and preference to use each method.

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