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Two factor authentication

From the way you hold your phone, to the pressure and direction of your finger or the way you type – we all have unique behavioral traits. Using state of the art machine learning techniques, we collect and analyze thousands of behavioral datapoints during an authentication action. This enables us to add additional security to existing methods such as pin or password or, to provide completely new methods such as swipe.

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Intelligent Swipe Authentication

Our research into behavioral authentication has proven that swipe behavior is as unique as your thumbprint, but less replicable. By analyzing a multitude of data points around a swipe such as movement and wrist strength, we can build up a unique picture of the user behavior. Providing a secure means for your users to authenticate or authorize transactions.

Intelligent Swipe Authentication whitepaper
Man completing multi-factor authentication - Partners

Keystroke Dynamics

Because typing behavior is influenced by distinctive movements and muscle memory, there is a uniqueness and a consistency in the way we type. By analyzing these typing patterns we can transform single-factor, password-based authentication into a two-factor authentication process without impacting the user experience.

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Man completing multi-factor authentication - Partners

Behavioral Pin Authentication

Similar to typing behavior, we all portray unique characteristics when entering PINs. By collecting and analyzing behavioral data points that are impossible to replicate such gyroscopic movement, finger size & pressure and combining it with knowledge-based authentication factors (like a PIN), we can determine the whether an individual is who they say they are.

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