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Multi & Single tenant solutions

Through a dedicated single web-based portal, organizations can manage their Callsign subscriptions (modules), authenticators, journey mapping and orchestration as well as configuring and managing identities for both customers and users.

Because we use a standardized user interface, once trained, user’s will be familiar with all aspects of the platform, providing more agility within teams and better allocation of resource.


99.99% Availability

To provide the highest industry availability, we utilize multi 'availability zones' and/or multi regions from cloud providers, so if something happens in one region, we can migrate functionality to another.

Increased Scalability

The platform provides horizontal and vertical scaling. If it’s Black Friday, Prime Day, the last Friday or the first day of the month you can effectively manage spikes in traffic, without worrying about the availability of your services to end users.

Teams can easily manage solo or multiple Callsign offerings by individual company or brand wide, through a single end-point.

More Flexibility

Authentication events are passed through our Enterprise Transaction Gateway (ETG), so clients can benefit from a single point of interaction, meaning easier integration, development and stronger security.

With a standardized user interface, teams can be familiar with all aspects of the platform, reducing the dependency on specialist product knowledge and training costs. For smaller organizations, where single employees can often perform multiple roles, this considerably reduces the number of tools needed to a single, cloud hosted web portal.

For organizations requiring single-tenant access due to specific infrastructure or special security concerns, we can also deploy a dedicated cloud solution.

Improved security

Manage your security appetite with adaptable enterprise security restriction policies from IP restriction to mutual authentication or direct access through your cloud provider.

Book a demo with our team and discover the advantages IDA can bring to your security landscape.


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