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How the Intelligence Engine works

It’s our Intelligence Engine that enables us to deliver a seamless, secure identity solution for customers or employees. It collects thousands of data points including behavioral, device, locational and telecoms to correlate identity traits and combines this with threat analysis information such as malware, to ensure that this data has not been compromised. This data is then analyzed using advanced machine learning and intelligence models to deliver a confidence score that the user is who they say they are when making a transaction.

The Intelligence Engine works from the first interaction, getting richer with every subsequent interaction to build a unique identity profile for every user.

Identification based on Recognition & Trust


First up, the Intelligence Engine is looking for recognized characteristics across device, location and behavior. The idea being that these characteristics should be consistent with the known user identity profile. The Engine is asking questions like: Is this the device the user normally uses? Is the transaction being attempted within a regular vicinity? Do the keystrokes, mouse, swipe etc. fit within the user’s normal pattern? And so on.


The Intelligence Engine then looks at how trustworthy this information is, conducting ongoing passive analysis across various data points, learning the detailed nuances of each user profile. Meaning our technology can account for typical differences at certain times of the day or days of the week. To do this, it looks for threats like malware, as well as location or device inconsistencies (or anomalies) and verification of details using our Telecoms Intelligence (i.e. SIM swap and call divert). It considers how many characteristics across device, location and behavior are recognizable – and to what to degree.

Using statistical modeling, advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques, the Intelligence Engine then determines how likely it is that someone is who they say they are, so that the Policy Engine can deliver the appropriate authentication journey. This level of intelligence is all about enabling passive authentication as much as possible and only calling for active authentication when appropriate or required.

Advantages and Capabilities

Reduce Costs

Most solutions tend to calculate risk from a single perspective, i.e. location or device. Our Intelligence Engine examines risk holistically, applying AI and machine learning techniques to thousands of data points including behavioral, device, locational and telecoms. Reducing the need for multiple vendor solutions.

Built in Privacy

Our algorithms work on minimal data points to identify users. This means there’s no need for continuous authentication (or what many consider as surveillance) of every aspect of user’s journey. Allowing you to build trust with your users whilst delivering best in class security.

Continuous Learning

Using our Feedback API, authentication results can be passed backed through to our Intelligence Engine, helping you improve processes, reduce false positives and garner a better understanding of your user’s behavior.

Third-party data sources

Whether it’s physical access information, list management or your own inhouse data. The Intelligence Engine can integrate with third-party sources to ensure you are making decisions based off all available data.

Each identity profile is unique

We look at our data in modalities of device, location & behavior, before combining them using flexible weightings for each modality based upon its significance, such as when “unique” behavior is recognized.

By considering multiple data points during our predictions and analyzing those in combination, we can build up a unique identity profile for each of your users, spotting relationships between data points that traditional vendors would not.

Seamless Integration

A single API interface allows for quick implementation and utilization of the platform. With the same integration, you can manage both organizational and individual instances of the Callsign platform & modules. Flexible enterprise security restriction policies provide organizations with a range of options to secure connections to the Callsign Platform including IP restriction and mutual TLS.

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