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What Policy does for Identification

Policies help organizations leverage all the data available to make more effective decisions. For Callsign, this is all about determining what kind of authentication journeys are used in what circumstances, based on what action is being performed, by who, and how. It’s about keeping digital identities safe and helping organizations comply with regulations, while making sure users can get on without obstacles (unless there is legitimate cause for concern).

How the Policy Manager & Engine works

The Policy Manager provides organizations with one central location to manage all policy decisions, journey mapping and orchestration. When combined with our Intelligence Engine, teams can build dynamic policies based off one confidence score - derived from thousands of data points across device, location and behavior. Reducing the need for multiple vendor solutions and providing one holistic view of customer activity across digital, telephony and physical channels.

Making real-time authentication decisions and adjustments, the Policy Engine dynamically adjusts to the type of hardware, connectivity and even preferences of individual users - whether it’s lack of access to technology or just individual preference. It also means the system can recognize adversaries and block the transaction at the point of request so costly call backs and unnecessary identity checks can be avoided.

Advantages & Capabilities

Natural Language Policies

Building policies is quick and easy using our natural language and drag-and-drop interface so leaders in risk, compliance, customer experience can understand them as well as technical peers in IT and fraud.

Pre-built templates

With out-the-box templates and regulatory specific rules including configurable & scalable rulesets around possession, knowledge and inherence, it’s easy to meet compliance requirements, without having to compromise user experience.


Manage and orchestrate authenticators for customer journeys that can tailored to organizational requirements - whether that’s by brand, channel, use case or customer segment. Rule sets can also be configured to trigger / notify other systems, reducing the need for teams to learn multiple tools.

Seamless Integration

A single API interface allows for quick implementation and utilization of the platform. With the same integration, you can manage both organizational and individual instances of the Callsign platform & modules. Flexible enterprise security restriction policies provide organizations with a range of options to secure connections to the Callsign Platform including IP restriction and mutual TLS.

Regulatory Compliance

Using Policy Manager teams can manage data collection, keep audit logs of user consent, and manage authenticators at a subscriber level, making it easier to meet customer preferences and regulatory requirements.

Customizable Journey Mapping & Orchestration

Make better, data-driven decisions with full visibility of your policies and the number of instances they’re used in. Policy Manager dashboard provides easy to access in-built workflows and four eye approval models via role-based access. Guaranteeing segregation of duties and giving you a full 360-degree view of your policy landscape.

Customer Friendly User Journeys

Deliver secure, customer friendly user journeys with real-time authentication mechanism decisions and adjustments based on who is attempting a transaction, through what channel, and with what characteristics.

Third-party data sources

Whether it’s physical access information, list management or your own in-house data, the Policy Manager can integrate with third-party sources to ensure you are utilizing all the data at your disposal to make more informed policy decisions. All done via an easy to use interface reducing the dependency on IT changes.

Policy Evaluation Toolkit

300+ combined years’ experience in banking and ecommerce means we know the challenges organizations face in evaluating and testing policies. Our Policy Evaluation Toolkit is designed to help.

Champion | Challenger

Unsure on which is the better policy? Passively test an updated or entirely new policy (challenger) against your existing incumbent one (champion) and use performance analytics to decide which one should be deployed.
Technology and industry challenges addressed: Currency, supportability, confidence in deployments, accuracy

A | B Testing

Unsure which change will be more effective? Test two variants of a policy in production by passing a percentage of real traffic through each to determine which version is more effective.
Technology and industry challenges addressed: real world testing, multivariate analysis

Time Machine (Simulation)

Making complex changes? Thoroughly test a new policy offline using legacy data, prior to pushing it into production.
Technology and industry challenges addressed: fine tuning and tweaking, large scale analysis

Policy Engine Audit Timeline

Looking for greater insight? Get a visual representation of a user’s journey including what rulesets, policies, external services and resources were called as part of the decision-making process.
Technology and industry challenges addressed: investigation and support

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