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Authenticator Orchestration

Authenticator management can be a complicated affair. From allocating budget appropriately to optimizing for user experience and navigating increasing privacy requirements.

The decisioning manager provides full oversight of all authenticators, their strength weighting, where they are deployed, and which users have opted out of which authentication options. Giving you the confidence that the appropriate authenticators are triggered and reducing the reliance on catch-all solutions such as OTPs and telephony.

Single API interface

Comparisons between different solutions or internal systems are quick and easy to implement through our easy to use API interface.

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Quickly deployment and testing

Reduce the risks and costs associated with deploying new authenticators by rolling-out and testing them through passive policies first.

Deploy authenticators based on transaction risk

Reduce friction in the user journey by applying weightings to authenticators to guarantee they are only triggered at the appropriate time, based on transaction type and user preference.

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Simple user interface

Manage authenticator creation, binding and blocking, all from one location that’s synced to your policy management.

Easily manage and comply with changing regulations

In one location you can manage data collection, keep audit logs of user consent, and manage authenticators at a subscriber level.

Manage user preference

Orchestrate authenticators to the type of hardware, connectivity and even preferences of individual users.

Decisioning Module Helps You

Reduce Costs

Have more confidence in retiring low yield / high cost authenticators with full visibility of your authenticators and where they are used.

Improve UX

Watch customer satisfaction grow as you give your customers more control over their authentication preferences.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Comply with the latest regulations with the ability control how and where authenticators are used.

Discover how you can get full visibility of your customer landscape

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Decisioning Module

Decisioning, Journey Mapping & Orchestration

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Policy Management

Find the right balance between security and user experience with one holistic view of customer activity across digital, telephony and physical channels.

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Journey Mapping

Dynamic user journeys that can adapt in real-time to the type of hardware, connectivity and even individual preferences – now that’s a great user experience.

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Policy Evaluation

Use real-time analytic data to test policies before deploying and review authenticator performance.

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