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Full visibility of your policies

Fraud isn’t static – why should policies be? Some of the greatest challenges organizations face around policy is visibility, access and flexibility. Callsign’s policy manager provides one central location to manage all policy decisions including full visibility of your policies and the number of instances they’re used.

With policies tailored on a case-by-case basis and built around your organizational requirements - whether that’s by brand, channel, use case or customer segment you can focus on putting users at the heart of your business without sacrificing security.

Policies that reflect your organization

Build policies that reflect your organizational priorities and requirements using variables including channel, user group, segment, transaction type and service.

Adapt policies in real-time based on risk tolerance

Adapt and update policies in real-time as your risk tolerance changes, whether it’s internal changes, outside risks such as data breeches or authenticator failures, and test them using real-time data before deploying.

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Offer a choice of ways to be identified

Not everyone has the ability to use or access certain technologies, location may prevent them from using online services or they simply not want to provide certain details (such as biometric). Avoid isolating pockets of your users, with policies built to adapt to the varying preferences and needs of your customer segments.

Easily Manage And Comply With Changing Regulations

In one location you can manage data collection, keep audit logs of user consent, and manage authenticators at a subscriber level.

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Full Visibility Of Your Policies And Where They Are Used

Policies can get numerous and complicated, so we’ve built in keyword tagging and description fields for easy management across teams and roles.

Role-Based Access

In-built workflows and four eye approval models via role-based access guarantees segregation of duties and ensures that only approved polices go live.

Decisioning Module Helps You

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational fraud costs with policies that policies that keep the bad guys out without the risk of false positives.

Improve UX

Deliver optimized and secure customer journeys that are tailored to your organization and your customers.

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Pre-configured logic helps you easily deal with regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions.

Discover how you can get full visibility of your customer landscape

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Decisioning Module

Decisioning, Journey Mapping & Orchestration

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Journey Mapping

Dynamic user journeys that can adapt in real-time to the type of hardware, connectivity and even individual preferences – now that’s a great user experience.

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Greater control over authenticators and their deployment, not only means greater customer experience... It can be a real cost saver.

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Policy Evaluation

Use real-time analytic data to test policies before deploying and review authenticator performance.

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