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Our adaptive authentication helps workforces defend themselves from security breaches whilst improving employee productivity and reducing cost.

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Businesses and IT security

Security has always been a concern for businesses. Data breaches can be costly, and may even result in lost clients. But a number of high profile cyber-attacks and recent regulatory changes have made the issue more pressing.

In modern business environments, many breaches can be attributed to employee-related incidents, whether directly or through third-party hacks. Intrusive or clunky security processes can sometimes lead to risky employee workarounds, leaving businesses vulnerable to attack. Meanwhile, the large quantities of data they collect, process and store also make businesses a prime target.

Reduce the risks of BYOD

With the rise of out-of-office working, employees could be logging in from anywhere, on any device. Which means businesses need to manage provisioning and BYOD policies carefully. Traditionally, businesses have relied on physical security keys, like hardware tokens, to give employees access to networks and systems.

Not only are these costly, but they add friction to the authentication process – and they don’t prove identity, merely that the person logging in has the token.

So far, so complex. Throw productivity into the mix, and it’s clear businesses need a smarter solution for identifying employees.

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The risks and challenges of identification for businesses

Businesses will always need to identify employees, multiple times a day. From entering a building or logging into a device, to accessing sensitive systems and data. The more seamlessly and securely they can do this, the more productive and successful they can be – but this means they have a number of risks and challenges to contend with.

Data Security

These days, data security plays a key part in business reputation, and yet it can be difficult to manage in a modern business environment. From BYOD and access issues, to poor password protocol, employee credentials landing in the wrong hands can lead to data breaches. By removing reliance on passwords, businesses can identify employees more securely, more of the time.

Enabling Productivity

Productivity is another big business concern, and rightly so. While it’s important to keep identification processes secure, employees also need to be able to get on with their work. That’s why implementing secure authentication processes, at the same time as providing staff with a friction-free user experience, should be the aim for any future-focused business.

Compliance Concerns

The introduction of new data processing laws under GDPR means companies can now be fined for issues surrounding data breaches. Poorly handled breaches could be costly, so it’s crucial that enterprises have the right security processes in place. A solution that’s compliant by default is the ideal in this context.

Where Callsign helps enterprises

Each year, the cost of fraud to businesses is in the billions. This can manifest itself in a number of ways, so businesses have many kinds of threats to consider, including first and third person fraud. Callsign’s solution can tackle these security risks head on:

Securing Your Workforce

Employee-related data breaches are all too common.

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Reduce Operational Costs

We're helping businesses reduce the cost of authentication.

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Improve Security

How do you improve security when the target is constantly moving?

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Reduce Fraud

It’s one of the most prominent risks faced by consumers and businesses alike.

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Improve User Experience

Improve user experience and security? Yes you heard right.

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Licensing Compliance

Location has a key role to play in verifying that someone is who they say they are.

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How Callsign helps enterprises

Businesses have lots to juggle, from defending against breaches to staying compliant with regulations and improving employee productivity. This is where our technology steps in. Whether employees are in the office or on-the-go, on desktops or mobiles – Callsign can protect it all. Meaning wherever they’re working, employees can access company resources securely. And if Callsign suspects a threat, authentication processes adapt as needed.

Unlike traditional authentication methods, Callsign’s solution can’t be lost, forgotten or stolen. Our identification process is quick and seamless, and it doesn’t add friction to the user experience. All of which is great news for businesses concerned with employee productivity.

It’s the smart solution for modern businesses. And most importantly, it means employees can get on with the task at hand, rather than getting bogged down in a security quagmire.

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