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Secure access to confidential information and verify your employees’ identities with Intelligence Driven Authentication.

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Secure employee access to applications

Government employees typically have access to significant amounts of sensitive information. The impact of a breach could be anything from national embarrassment to the loss of essential services. But given the huge number of employees that work in government organizations, it’s difficult for IT services to ensure every single employee is following best safety practices. There’s a lot of scope for things to go wrong.

There's a lot to consider

Government groups are a key target for cybercriminals, and there are also other serious threats to tackle, like social engineering. After all, even the strongest firewalls in the world can’t block this kind of fraud.

But government organizations have many other plates to spin, too – like the need for digital transformation and the need to uphold security as the use of personal devices proliferates.

The need to keep government employees productive and engaged shouldn't be ignored either. As all of these impact the services they deliver to the general public. The right identification solution will help them meet the demands of all three.

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The risks and challenges of identification for governments

Confidential databases, sensitive emails, top-secret information – public sector organizations have a lot of assets they need to protect. But this needs to be balanced with other concerns, like usability and productivity:

Data Theft

Many businesses and individuals face opportunistic attacks from cyber criminals, but an abundance of sensitive data makes government organizations, perhaps more so than most, a prime target. The impact of public sector attacks are potentially calamitous, so identifying fraudulent logins is of paramount importance for government organizations.

Employee Access

Employees need security solutions that enable them to get on with their work and access systems efficiently, whether that’s in the office or elsewhere. Unfortunately, it’s hard to strike the right balance. Processes need to be rigorous, but a six-step authentication process with multiple complex passwords is a recipe for unproductivity.

Cost Savings

Of course, government organizations will always need to be mindful of time and costs. Overly stringent or complicated login processes can result in endless password reset requests, which can be costly, while breaches arising from inadequate identification processes are even pricier. An intelligent, software-based identification solution eliminates these kinds of problems and leads to tangible cost savings.

Where Callsign helps governments

Even more than most sectors, central and local government bodies can’t afford to take a risk with identification security. There are simply too many ways for attackers to cause serious chaos. Callsign can help government organizations protect themselves in a number of ways:

Securing Your Workforce

Employee-related data breaches are all too common.

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Reduce Operational Costs

We're helping businesses reduce the cost of authentication.

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Improve Security

How do you improve security when the target is constantly moving?

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Reduce Fraud

It’s one of the most prominent risks faced by consumers and businesses alike.

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Improve User Experience

Improve user experience and security? Yes you heard right.

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Licensing Compliance

Location has a key role to play in verifying that someone is who they say they are.

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How Callsign helps governments

Governments are under pressure to keep data and platforms secure. With hackers and social engineers getting more sophisticated all the time, organizations need solutions that can stand up to attacks, whatever form they take. Which is exactly what Callsign delivers.

Callsign proactively defends against breaches and cybercrime. Whether employees are at their desks or working from home, Callsign can verify that logins are coming from the right people, in the right places. And if a problem is suspected, our solution alters the authentication journey to ensure fraudsters don’t progress further.

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