Identity management for media & subscription services

Multifactor authentication solutions that reduce online fraud and the ability for your subscribers to share account details, all without impacting their user experience.

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Reducing subscription account fraud

Consumers get a great deal of enjoyment from media and subscription content. But this creates a world of opportunity for fraudsters, especially as most people are using the same password and email credentials across multiple accounts. And increasingly, they involve a payment element, whether that’s content subscriptions, online streaming or simply using social media. This poses a security risk, especially as these purchases are often ‘instant access’, meaning they need to be approved in real time.

If one account gets breached, the rest are sitting targets

Account breaches have serious repercussions – whether that’s a stolen identity or the loss of payment card details. To make matters worse, users often choose the same email and password combinations across accounts. Meaning if one gets breached, the rest are sitting targets.

But it’s not just third-person fraud, one of the biggest fraud risks for media and subscription companies is often their customers themselves. Whether it’s wanting to watch their favorite TV show, or sharing accounts across friends and colleagues, it can lead to compliance issues and loss in revenue.

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The risks and challenges of identification for media & subscriptions

With numerous users logging into accounts, most of which contain payment details, and some of which are multiple people using the same account, media & subscription organizations have their work cut out for them.

Stop the Bots

From Twitter bots to Facebook profiles, there are millions of fake accounts online. Bots don’t just disseminate information online – they can also be used for fraudulent activities, with fraudsters targeting the industry’s abundance of identity data and using bots to test stolen details from the dark web.

Content Subscriptions

With online media moving to a subscriptions based model, organizations are processing more online payments than ever. But this also makes them an ideal target for fraudsters. While the rise of online subscriptions has been a big source of revenue for businesses, it’s also created big risks.

Location Regulation

VPN use is on the rise, letting people access content in restricted locations, which is problematic for e-gaming and media businesses. On one hand, they need to know where their users are, but on the other, they’ve got to comply with privacy laws (which includes restrictions around the collection of location data). That’s a difficult balancing act to manage.

Avoiding Breaches

There are many ways fraudsters and social engineers can carry out a data breach. From logging on to devices and posing as an employee to targeting the industry’s abundance of identity data and using bots to test stolen details from the dark web. Securing your organization from the inside has a big part to play in an overall fraud reduction (and prevention) strategy

How Callsign keeps media and subscriptions business safe

For users & subscribers, an enjoyable experience is often the priority. However, given the inherent identity fraud risks within these sectors, businesses have a lot of work to do to keep accounts safe while also keeping customers happy. Callsign can help organizations achieve this in various ways:

Reduce Fraud

It’s one of the most prominent risks faced by consumers and businesses alike. We can help.

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Improve Security

How do you improve security when the target is constantly moving?

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Improve User Experience

Improve user experience and security? Yes you heard right. Find out how we can help.

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Licensing Compliance

Find out why location has a key role to play in verifying that someone is who they say they are.

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Choice Control and Consent

When it comes to identification, businesses should be looking at the right degree of choice, control and consent. Find out why.

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Securing Your Workforce

The price of fraud for businesses is high, that's why we’re here to help.

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How Callsign helps

User experience is everything for subscribers & media users, so from a customer’s viewpoint, that’s what Callsign delivers. Seamless authentication means owners can access their accounts quickly and smoothly, making in-platform purchases without a stutter.

Meanwhile, with Callsign technology, media businesses can rest assured that users are who and where they say they are. Reliable, real-time validation that blocks fraudulent attempts as they happen, using thousands of data points to identify fraudsters and hackers, frees them up to focus on doing what they do best: innovating and improving the media platforms they’re delivering to customers.

Ultimately, Callsign’s solution means streamers can keep streaming, without fear of fraud or interruption. While businesses are empowered to get on with growing their platforms.

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