Identity solutions for network providers

Reliable, real-time identity solutions for network providers that analyses thousands of data points to block fraudulent access attempts as they happen.


A myriad of challenges for telecommunications companies

Whether it’s managing their data usage or paying bills, most telecoms customers have an online account. But this also create a whole host of opportunities for fraudsters, as most people are using the same password and email credentials across multiple accounts. Not only are telecoms organizations managing fraud around SIM Swap and call divert, they are also managing the security of their customer’s accounts.

Securing from the inside-out is key

Account breaches have serious repercussions for telecoms, the amount of data held can put their customers at serious risk. But this can be hard to manage, with multiple avenues of attack.

From logging on to devices and posing as an employee to targeting the industry’s abundance of identity data and using bots to test stolen details from the dark web. Securing your business from the inside - out is key to a robust security strategy.

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The risks and challenges

With numerous users logging into accounts, most of which contain payment details telecoms and companies have a task on their hands.

Immediate Detection

The goal for Telecoms organizations is to identify fraudsters before a transaction can be completed. The problem is, it’s often far from obvious that fraud is taking place. Take the example of an account holder changing their delivery address. In most cases, this is a perfectly innocent activity – but if it’s not, it needs detecting and stopping. The trick is finding a way to pinpoint fraud without inconveniencing real customers.

Location Regulation

With the abundance of mobile devices, location is beginning to have a major part in identification, all thanks to the availability of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other device-reading sensor technologies. Providing the user has consented to collecting location information, it can play a key role in determining whether the reported locations matches the typical behaviour of the user.

Staying Compliant

With global customers comes varying regulations. Whether it’s GDPR, CASL or California’s data protection legislation, companies need to ensure they meet data protection regulations. Since Telecoms businesses hold a significant deal of sensitive information, that means thinking carefully about protection against data breaches.

How Callsign can help

Customers just want to be able to access their account balance and manage their data. However, given the inherent identity fraud risks, Telecoms businesses have a lot of work to do to keep accounts safe while also keeping customers happy. Callsign can help organizations achieve this in various ways:

Reduce Fraud

It’s one of the most prominent risks faced by consumers and businesses alike. We can help.

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Improve Security

How do you improve security when the target is constantly moving?

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Improve User Experience

Improve user experience and security? Yes you heard right. Find out how we can help.

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Licensing Compliance

Find out why location has a key role to play in verifying that someone is who they say they are.

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Choice, Control and Consent

When it comes to identification, businesses should be looking at the right degree of choice, control and consent. Find out why.

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Reduce Operational Costs

We're helping businesses reduce the cost of authentication.

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How Callsign helps telecoms companies protect their customers

With Callsign technology, telecommunication businesses can rest assured that users are who and where they say they are. Reliable, real-time validation that blocks fraudulent attempts as they happen, using thousands of data points to identify fraudsters and hackers, frees them up to focus on doing what they do best: innovating and improving the products they’re delivering to customers.

Ultimately, Callsign’s solution means customers can get on, without fear of fraud or interruption. While businesses are empowered to get on with growing their platforms.

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