Put Choice Control and Consent in the hands of your customers

Customers want to get on. But they don’t want convenience at the expense of privacy. Which is why, when it comes to identification, businesses should be looking to deliver not only a friction-free experience but, increasingly, a degree of choice, control and consent.


Why customer choice is the future

Users – whether that’s an organization’s customers or workforce – expect and value security and privacy, but above all, a frictionless experience. To balance those things effectively, the level of involvement users are given during the identification and authentication process is fundamental. Consent is a non-negotiable regulatory requirement, but choice is more nuanced – a factor than can be determined by the provider, and one that might just be the key to unlocking enhanced user satisfaction for the long term.

Everyone is different

The other thing to bear in mind is that users are people – and all people are different. Some will be more concerned about privacy than others, including things like location and behavioral data. They’ll want to know when, where and why are they sharing this kind of data, and have some kind of control over what happens to it once they do.

Others might have accessibility issues – lacking access to a particular device, for example, or being unable to authenticate via biometric means. There’s no end of variables where people are concerned, and, increasingly, organizations should be able to cater for all of them.

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The need for choice, control and consent

As businesses face an ongoing identity paradox – namely the simultaneous need to be compliant, keep data safe, and deliver seamless user experiences – the case for introducing elements of choice, control and consent into identification and authentication processes is clear. But the way we see it, this shouldn’t be thought of as a box to be ticked. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to create a best-in-class solution designed with the end user in mind, and as fit for the future as it can be.

Regulatory Pressures

Of course, no conversation about choice, control and consent would be complete without taking the current regulatory landscape into account. GDPR, in particular, has placed power back into the hands of consumers, who must consent to their personal data being used, and who must have the ability to control that use. This means that in today’s digital era, a degree of choice, control and consent is no longer simply a nice-to-have – instead, it’s essential to regulatory compliance.

User Experience

Users expect seamlessness when interacting or transacting with a business or organization. They’re also wary of how much behavioral and biometric data they give away. This is where choice comes in to play, allowing users to choose the level of friction they go through based on personally controlled preferences. But for choice to work effectively, without compromising security and privacy, education is also key.

Socioeconomic Factors

There are lots of reasons why an identification process might not work for a particular user, paving the way for clunky processes and instant friction. Incompatible devices, demographic circumstances, accessibility issues – and so on. All of which can have big consequences for organizations, whether it’s abandoned transactions, long-term loss of customers, or even employee productivity woes. For an identification solution to be adopted, it has to work for everyone – a ubiquitous solution that eliminates the risk of digital isolation.

How Callsign delivers Choice, Control and Consent

Callsign technology is designed to intuitively meet the needs of all end users, removing friction or increasing authentication where appropriate. All while upholding the security and privacy of personal data and transactions.

Policy Engine

Callsign’s Policy Engine determines authentication journeys in real time, which can be adjusted based on risk and policies, allowing user choice and control to be factored in from day one.

Personalized Journeys

Authentication journeys can be personalized according to demographic, device, user preferences, or organizational security needs. Creating a solution that works for everyone and eliminates digital isolation.

Regulatory Compliance

Proving that due diligence has been performed around data security is essential to meeting the digital era’s compliance standards. Callsign’s solution delivers this by default.

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