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Get added security that your employees and customers are who they say they are with intelligent threat and malware detection.

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The scale of the threat

According to the Distil Networks’ Bad Bot Report 2018, malicious bots accounted for 21.8% of all web traffic in 2017. On high-risk sites, the numbers are even higher. But perhaps the most alarming finding is the fact that 74% of bots are capable of mimicking human-computer interaction.

Improving security is high on the agenda

Meanwhile, social engineers are taking advantage of human behavior for fraudulent purposes – whether that’s on the phone, in person, or online. As one gets more sophisticated and the other gets more brazen, together they’re a complex threat to manage.

Improving security is high on the agenda of any business in the digital age. Authentication is an ideal time and place to tackle this challenge. Because an intelligent authentication solution is a reliable means of blocking potential threats and detecting malware.

We can help

Today’s very versatile security threats

As more and more of our lives have moved online, the need for sophisticated IT security has grown with it. Bots, for example, date all the way back to the 1990s, and they’re still omnipresent. A prime example of how the digital landscape is vulnerable to constantly evolving attack vectors. As soon as we think we’ve got to grips with threats like bots, they get more sophisticated, quickly learning how to bypass the new detection methods we come up with. And they come in handy for the bad guys because they’re so versatile – as shown in the examples below.

Brute Force Account Takeover

This simple but dangerous threat takes advantage of the fact that many people use the same usernames and passwords across multiple accounts – and they’re often predictable. Bots are used to guess those username and password combinations.

RAT & Replay Attacks

RATs (remote access trojans) pose another significant threat, a malware program that, if successful, gives cybercriminals unfettered, administrative access to devices. While replay attacks constitute network fraud, as data transmission is delayed or resent in order to trick the end user. With Callsign’s intelligence engine, these kinds of threats can be checked for and blocked.

Bot Attacks

Bots are commonly used in what’s known as distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). They’re a particular threat to critical infrastructure, designed to bring about downtime and usually engendered by malicious intent. Meanwhile, data mining helps bots carry out more targeted attacks. Data-driven identification can help to stop the bots.

Validation of Stolen Credentials

In the modern world, the reality is that there’s a significant amount of money to be made in up-to-date stolen credentials. There’s a lucrative market for them on the dark web. Again, malicious bots are used to scour compromised credentials and check their validity. Callsign identification can improve security and prevent activity of this kind.

Digital Identity Theft

Once stolen personally identifiable information (PII) has fallen into the hands of the bad guys, the process of using that PII as a fraud alias can be automated by bots. Meaning stolen data can be used quickly and at scale to apply for things like bank accounts or credit cards. The right identification solution has the power to prevent identities from being stolen in the first place.

How Callsign improves security

At the heart of IT security is the need to identify that someone is who they say they are – accurately and instantly – which is exactly what Callsign does best. We know what it takes to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Multiple Data Sources

Analyzing multiple data sources across device, location and behavior means our solution can spot abnormal behavior quickly and block attempts by scripts or from false locations.

Real-Time Identification

Callsign’s intelligence engine looks for characteristics consistent with identity profiles and creates a confidence score to deliver accurate real-time identification.

Dynamic Authentication

Callsign learns over time, making it easy to verify whether behavior fits into a normal pattern, and to spot bots or imposters. Abnormal behavior leads to extra authentication steps.

Identity Protection

Our technology can immediately tell the difference between genuine and manipulated intent, preventing social engineering and protecting data from the bad guys.

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