Improving User Experience

Identification security is hugely important. But when it disrupts customers or stops employees from doing their jobs, a whole new set of problems is created. Which is why user experience lies at the heart of Callsign technology.

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Security vs. User Experience: A battle for the ages

Strong cyber security and a great user experience aren’t known for going hand in hand. In fact, historically, they’ve been locked in a bit of a battle. It’s easy to see why. Fort Knox levels of password security generally result in an exasperating user experience.

As a result, UX-oriented organizations sometimes sacrifice security for the sake of pleasing customers, or making things easier for staff. Especially since research shows that companies offering a great user experience grow much quicker than their competitors. Sadly, this means users aren’t the only ones who enjoy easy access to their accounts. Fraudsters are also left smiling when they discover a platform has inadequate security measures in place.

The secure future of user experience

Prioritize safety too heavily, and the user experience suffers. But fail to provide adequate security, and you may as well write down login credentials and send them to fraudsters in the mail. At a time when customers expect a greater degree of control over their own personal data, organizations need to find a solution that provides security and a great user experience.

Minimizing Account Loss

People are drawn to convenience. But this means users often choose the same, easy to remember and easy to breach log-in credentials. Sometimes, once one account is hacked, others are just as easy to access (because the log-in details are the same). A better solution is one that relies on a user’s unique characteristics, which are genuinely unique and hard to breach.

Frictionless Journeys

Organizations who take a security-first attitude might feel confident in their ability to block fraudsters. But if poor experience and friction-filled journeys put users off altogether, there’ll be no accounts left to keep secure. A solution that only adds friction where necessary, using thousands of data points to prove that someone is who they say they are, offers the best of both worlds.

Fewer Abandoned Transactions

It’s a phrase to strike fear into the heart of any CX professional – because it means that customers have given up with a purchase. Organizations need a solution that ushers genuine customers through to the end of their journey while stopping fraudsters in their tracks.

Adaptive Identification

A customer will expect more rigorous authentication for a significant purchase than they would a tiny in-game payment, for example. Similarly, an employee accessing a business’ most sensitive systems versus performing an everyday task. An intelligent solution can account for this, resulting in a user experience that adapts to the journey at hand.

Choice, Control and Consent

Increasingly, user consent is a regulatory requirement, so it certainly should be the basis for any modern identification software. But organizations who strive to go one step further, offering a degree of choice when it comes to authentication, will be the ones to win the long-term trust and loyalty of their customers and employees.

How Callsign improves user experience

Organizations across all sectors need to strike the balance between strong security and a smooth user experience, whether that’s for customers or employees logging in to essential platforms. Callsign can help businesses achieve this in a number of ways:

Personalized User Journeys

Callsign empowers users to carry out identity authentication in the way that suits them best, keeping customers happy and employees productive.

User Accessibility

Callsign delivers secure identification in a way that works for everyone, no matter what device, access, or preferences a user might have. Reducing the risk of digital isolation.

Peace of Mind

Users value the security of knowing only they can access their accounts. Callsign confirms that users are who they say they are, meaning the user can simply sit back and relax.

Dynamic Authentication

Whether it’s an abnormally large purchase or a login from an unexpected location, Callsign can adapt the authentication journey to add more security when a breach is suspected, which is reassuring for the user.

Total Control

Giving users control over their data is a hot topic after GDPR. Fortunately, Callsign supports just that, providing organizations with multiple options that allow users to set preferences around the use of their own personal data.

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