Reducing Operating Costs

It’s time to wave goodbye to costly authentication methods, and to give organizations more control over their use of APIs. Callsign is helping businesses do both with dynamic, friction-free, cost-effective authentication technology.


Identification shouldn’t cost the earth

Traditional authentication methods are often clunky and expensive. Take password resets as one example, which have a cost attached to them. Calls made to customer services are often thanks to forgotten passwords, so imagine the savings to be made by eliminating this problem – something that is achievable when using alternative identification factors that are more synonymous with user behavior, as well as dynamic policies.

The costs can mount up

In a modern identification solution, the need for costly methods like these is reduced, as context-based intelligence successfully delivers secure identification by itself. Because the point is: hardware tokens aren’t needed every time, and the friction they add is unnecessary.

With regular API usage for services such as threat intelligence and mobile network operator insights; the costs incurred for most modern identification solutions can begin to mount up. In the same way a risk-based approach to authentication adds value, a similar approach should be followed for API usage.

We can help

The costs attached to traditional authentication

The issue with many existing authentication solutions, including hardware tokens, is that they are inherently more expensive than contemporary, software-based authentication tools and solutions. Often, they add friction to what are supposed to be frictionless digital experiences – which is why their place is becoming harder to justify. It’s time for businesses to reduce costly, old-fashioned authentication methods, and there are many reasons for this:

Security Risks

Hardware tokens and passwords are blunt, one-touch solutions for verifying the identity of a customer or employee. Businesses relying on them are missing out on the opportunity for a layered approach that assesses thousands of data points to prove someone is who they say they are.

False Positive Rates

The ability to use a hardware token correctly does not prove identity. Hardware tokens can and have been breached or stolen. Passwords are no better. Again, using a more multi-layered solution means more characteristics of a user can be analyzed and the risk of false positives drops.

Operating Costs

Deloitte estimates that the total cost of ownership for a software solution is around 60% less than the hardware token equivalent. Plus, software removes the knock-on costs incurred by tokens that are lost (which is all-too common) or that need periodic replacing. It also reduces reliance on passwords, and therefore the cost of support calls when they’re forgotten.

Friction and Customization

Existing authentication solutions like hardware tokens add friction to digital experiences and don’t allow for customization (based on who is doing what, where and when). Where tokens and passwords are fairly rigid, a solution that uses thousands of data points facilitates a more frictionless user experience and can be customized according to risk.

Control over APIs

With API usage often charged on a per-transaction basis, costs can mount up. But by only calling on services like threat intelligence and sim swap detection as and when they’re required (as opposed to every time), costs can be reduced and user journeys sped up. Plus, it makes better sense from a process point of view.

How Callsign can help

Callsign’s technology ensures secure, seamless identification and authentication. By using all of the thousands of data points available, such as typing or swiping techniques, location, online habits, face recognition, devices – and yes, even passwords – we can determine that someone is who they say they are.

Real-Time Identification

Callsign analyzes and correlates the location, device and behavioral data of applicants, and identifies BOTs.

Step-Up Authentication

Our solution responds to risk intuitively. Specific authentication journeys can be defined, customized, and used when enhanced due-diligence is expected or required.

Reduced Costs

Where traditional authentication methods are expensive to maintain and manage, Callsign software is changing the game, making authentication more cost-effective than ever.

Maintaining Security

We can confirm that the user really is who they say they are. Our technology even accounts for the fact that the Monday person can behave differently to the Friday person.

Operational Efficiency

By reducing the reliance on costly hardware tokens, password resets and callbacks, Callsign helps businesses improve operational efficiency and significantly reduces the cost of authentication.

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