Securing Your Workforce

Employee-related data breaches are all too common, with privileged accounts targeted by fraudsters for a gateway to sensitive systems and data. Callsign helps secure businesses from the inside, improving productivity along the way.

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The threats to workforce security

A business wouldn’t be a business without its employees. Whether it’s day-to-day operations and communications, or business-critical collaboration and innovation – its people who continue to power all of these things, even as technology advances. Organizations have the complicated task of managing multiple employee sign-ons, not to mention a need for data privacy.

Employees are increasingly prioritising privacy

As organizations strive to secure their systems, the aim is to do so in a way that doesn’t hinder employee productivity. Ideally, using policies that allow for a tailored, contextual approach to workforce identification. What’s more, today’s employees are increasingly prioritising privacy over convenience, so that’s got to be factored in, too.

The need for a solution that proactively defends against employee-related data breaches is clear – and if that solution can help the business comply with regulations and increase employee productivity at the same time? So much the better.

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The challenges of employee authentication

As the world of work becomes increasingly digitized, the need for employee authentication is a given. Especially as businesses are collecting more and more data by the day, and operating in an ever-more global landscape. There’s also the rise of mobile or remote working and bring your own device (BYOD) policies to think about, not to mention the gig economy and the prevalence of non-permanent workers. All of which calls for secure employee authentication. But to make sure any solution is used properly, it can’t add friction to an employee’s day-to-day work, and must uphold data privacy.

Avoiding Breaches

There are many ways fraudsters and social engineers can carry out a data breach. From logging on to devices and posing as an employee to accessing an organization’s most sensitive systems and data. Securing your organization from the inside has a big part to play in an overall fraud reduction (and prevention) strategy.

Regulatory Compliance

Not only are businesses tasked with upholding the privacy and security of their own employees, it’s usually the businesses’ employees who are responsible for ensuring the security of client, customer or business data. Which means compliance with regulations like GDPR is reliant on employee adherence to security procedures. Just another reason why unobtrusive employee authentication is a must for today’s enterprises.

User Experience

Employees shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to do their jobs. Put intrusive security measures in their way and there’s a chance they’ll find a risky workaround that leaves your company exposed. The trick is to find a solution that supports digital dexterity – in other words, one that applies CX principles to workforce identification, helping employees to be more agile and therefore more productive. All while making sure that the person trying to access your business’ systems or data really is your employee, and is doing so for legitimate reasons.

How Callsign improves employee authentication

Reducing fraud and boosting productivity are priorities for all organizations. Callsign technology helps them do both – all while reducing the cost of identification and authentication in the workplace, while supporting their compliance goals.

Real-Time Identification

We use thousands of data points across device, location and behavior to check that someone is who they say they are. Helping you to accurately identify people, including fraudsters, in real time.

Bot Prevention

Callsign technology can quickly spot bots, helping organizations to minimize false positives and block potentially harmful employee logins from false locations or scripts.

User Experience

By using thousands of data points in real time to determine identity, Callsign safely removes authentication friction for employees – ensuring solution adoption and boosting productivity.

Focused Deployment

Callsign’s platform can be rolled out gradually, which gives enterprises the opportunity to tailor their solution and focus on high-risk users first – supporting a targeted fraud reduction strategy.

Dynamic Authentication

By learning and recognizing individual employee behaviors, the Callsign platform can spot abnormalities quickly and is designed to step up authentication according to an intelligent risk score.

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